Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble concert 2/21/12

Katie Mons

Darkness flooded the auditorium seats and the stage lights became brighter, shining upon West High’s Symphonic Band. Director Rich Medd walked on stage accompanied by loud applause from the audience. The crowd became silent as he stepped onto the podium. He raised his baton, and the concert began.

The first song was The Jig is Up, which started off the concert in a fun, upbeat way. Featuring several soloists and showing off many sections, it was a great way to begin the night and capture the audience’s attention.

Next was The Golden Age of Broadway, which included many popular, older broadway songs. Bali Ha’i, Oklahoma, Getting to Know You, The Carousel Waltz, and Climb Ev’ry Mountain were all featured in this fun and exciting tune.

After two very upbeat and lively songs, it was time to calm things down with a slower piece. Bloom represented springtime, and everything being new again. While it was a more gentle tune, it was still a beautiful, powerful piece of music.

The band ended their portion of the concert with a strong finish. …Go wrapped things up nicely; it stayed energetic the entire time and concluded with a powerful ending.

It was then time for Wind Ensemble to take the stage. Director Rob Medd was greeted with the same applause as he walked to the podium.

Wind Ensemble started off with the spirited and lively march, Robinson’s Grand Entree. With several dynamics and a rigorous pace, it was a great opener to their part of the concert.

Second Suite in F was the second piece the band performed. The song consisted of four beautiful movements, all based on folk songs and morris dances.

The third selection the band played was Overture for Band, Op. 24. While it was the longest song they performed, it still was a wonderful and interesting piece of music that also featured several soloists.

The band ended on the festive, exciting song, Africa: Ceremony, Song and Ritual. The room was filled with powerful drums and mighty woodwinds and brass, which concluded the concert in a joyful way.

Applause filled the auditorium following the final note, the lights returned, and everyone stood up to leave after having listened to two of West High’s phenomenal bands.