Catching up with Canin

Katie Mons

Back in the December 2011 issue of West Side Story, we learned that Amiela Canin ’14 was going to live in Italy for the next six months. Since she’s been there for about half of the time, it’s time to catch up with her and see how she’s doing. The West Side Story asked Canin a few questions about the differences between America and Italy and about her daily life over there.

WSS: How long have you been in Italy? When are you coming home?

Amiela Canin: I’ve been in Italy a little over two months and I’m coming home in June.

WSS: What is your favorite thing about Italy?

AC: It’s really beautiful and everyone is very friendly, and I like learning another language. It’s just exciting that I’m living in Europe. I also like the food.

WSS: What do you miss about America?

AC: My friends, being able to understand everything without effort, and also peanut butter because they don’t seem to have it here. I’ve been eating nutella instead which is probably not good.

WSS: What is school like in Italy?

AC: School is really different, no one worries about grades and the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

WSS: Is it easy to learn the language?

AC: No, it’s really hard! Sometimes I feel like I’m doing well but there is so much to learn that it feels impossible.

WSS: Is your lifestyle the same or different than it is in America? How so?

AC: We don’t have a car so I walk everywhere or take public transportation. Other than that it’s not too different I guess, because I’m still living with my family and we’re the same as usual, but my surroundings have completely changed. Doing everyday things is kind of exciting too because I have to speak in another language.

WSS: Have you seen any monuments or other famous buildings/places? Which ones? If not, what do you plan/hope to see?

AC: We went to Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica/The Vatican City and the Roman Forum, which is where some of the ruins from Ancient Rome are.

WSS: What have you learned from your experience in Italy?

AC: It’s given me a lot more perspective, and there are so many places to go and things to see, which makes me want to see the whole world. I’ve also learned a lot about language, not just actual words but the similarities and differences in languages.