Signing off

Dear readers,

Thank you for listening. 

When I write a “Sincerely, Sumner,” it’s usually because I am feeling some-type-of-way and the words just pour out. It is a therapeutic exercise for me. I hope that for some of you, the words I wrote were the words you needed to hear, and that at the very least they were relatable or funny, if not therapeutic to you as well. 

I am incredibly grateful to have been given this platform for my voice. Being a part of the West Side Story has helped me grow as a person and as a journalist, and I don’t know who I’d be without the experiences it afforded me. 

I still remember the first opinion I ever wrote for Foundations of Journalism. In the article I declared that golf was not a sport, bashing everything from the effort it takes to swing a club to the bland attire worn by its players. It was quite honestly awful and I’m not sure how I got from there to being the columns editor. 

But here I am, talking to you today, and hopefully my writing (and my logic) is not as horrendous as it used to be. 

I don’t know if “Sincerely, Sumner” will continue with me to my next paper, or become a WSS exclusive, but either way I will keep writing — I know this is a joy to hear for my non-existent fans. Maybe someday I’ll trademark the name and become the next Oprah. For now I’ll just say this: Thank, you. It’s been a pleasure keeping up this correspondence with you. Signing off for now.