On board, ready for takeoff


Quentin Misiag

Having the chance to catch air alongside some of the country’s top skateboarders, including Ryan Sheckler and The Real Skateboard Team is a feat most people couldn’t even dream of doing. Chris “Renegade” Varcadipane, a devout skateboarder since his freshman year is not your average senior. His first experience with the life of a skateboarder came when a close friend of his from his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida invited him to a local skate park. Despite having never picked up a board, he jumped at the chance.

Today, Varcadipane’s true passion involves nothing more than a board and a positive mindset. He’s a self-described carefree individual – someone who takes the path less traveled.This summer, as many seniors will be soaking up the final few months before the beginning their collegiate careers, Varcadipane will immerse himself in everything skateboard. Beginning in June, he will join hoards of other action sports enthusiasts at Lake Owen Camp – a camp designed for students ages seven to seventeen with interests in gymnastics, cheer, biking, motocross and more. Varcadipane will call Cable, Wisconsin home for much of the summer as he prepares to take on the responsibility of a camp skateboard instructor.

“I know the owners of [Lake Owen] and one day, they just called me and offered me the job on the spot,” said Varcadipane.

Prior to devoting much of the past four years of high school to rails, flips and endless tricks on his skateboard, Varcadipane played football and basketball. Choosing to focus his energy on skateboarding meant that his techniques to improve had to change.

“Unlike in football, basketball and a lot of typical sports, with skateboarding, I just grab my board and go. You don’t have that mindset of practice, practice, practice. It’s much more laid back.”