A scoop of pop culture: ‘Dune’ is the beginning of a fantastic sci-fi epic

With the release of the new sci-fi film “Dune”, Samuel Rosenthal ’24 will give his personal, spoiler-free review of the film.


Samuel Rosenthal

The new sci-fi film “Dune” was released on Oct. 22.

Samuel Rosenthal, Podcaster and Reporter

The first part to a much larger, sci-fi epic. In the second episode of “A Scoop of Pop Culture”, Samuel Rosenthal 24′ discusses both the good and the bad of the new sci-fi film “Dune”. In this episode, Samuel covers both the film’s plot and plot quality, characters and their enjoyability, music, special effects and visuals, as well as originality. This episode will contain no spoilers to the film “Dune”.