Hunting for Harries

WSS staffers track down West High’s very own Harries, the passionate fandom of Harry Styles.

Eleanor Weitz and Tessa Gibson

Former member of the popular boy band One Direction, Harry Styles has been catapulted to new heights in his solo career. From sold-out concerts to a role in a Marvel movie, Styles has been doing outstandingly well lately, and unconditionally following behind are his fans, the Harries. His fans love everything about him including his outside the box fashion sense, charming good looks and amazingly popular music. Are you interested in learning more about Styles or finding some new friends with the same interests?  Tessa Gibson ’24 and Eleanor Weitz ’24 went on the hunt for Harries at West High and found the people you should be talking to. Watch the video above to hear their opinions on your favorite former boy band member.



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