Top 10 brands of plastic water bottles

By Brittani Langland

Drinking water is an important part of everyday life. You can drink distilled water, tap water, and water that comes from plastic water bottles. Although you should never only drink from plastic water bottles, here is a list of the top 10 brands.

10. Deja Blue:

Deja Blue was created by the Dr. Pepper and Snapple group. They take pride in their bottle design that has a considerably less amount of plastic. This results in a lighter and more eco friendly container. Deja Blue is also cheap compared to other leading water bottle brands. This makes it a popular choice for concession stands and vending machines. But don’t be fooled by this low price. Where it makes up for in low price it lacks in purification. Deja Blue does not get as an intense purification process as other brands. It does need a good purification process too, because the source of it comes from local water supply; like creeks and rivers. However it is still approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA), which makes it safe to drink.

9. Nestle pure life water:

Nestle, similar to Deja Blue, collects its water from local sources. Their water source is only tested once a week which makes the risk higher of collecting harmful bacteria. Their purification process includes a filtration the uses reverse osmosis. After the water is purified, Nestle adds more minerals to the water to enhance the flavor. The final product of Nestle is tested 200 times per day. This makes up for the weekly test of the source water. Nestlé’s bottles are also eco friendly, because they use less plastic. Much of the plastic is taken out of the cap which makes it a choking hazard to young children.

8. People Water:

Putting their iconic thumbprint on the cap really makes People Water stand out from the rest. This modern take on water bottles sets it apart from the rest. Mostly found in the southern portion of the U.S. People Water is slowly making its way across the country. Their bottles are eco friendly because they have started to use less plastic. The water that fills these bottles comes from natural springs. People Water uses natural purification instead of adding harsh chemicals to it in a lab. This makes it taste more like a mineral. Another bonus from drinking People Water is that for every bottle that is bought, an equal amount of water is sent to a person in need. Drinking People Water is an easy way to help your community.

7. Desani:

Coca Colas product Desani came up with the idea to use plant bottles. These water bottles have 45% less plastic than their original one did. This is because they use organic material that is found in plants as a replacement. The plant bottle design was so effective that is won the 2010 Global Dupont Award for it. Desani’s purification process includes reverse osmosis and ozonation. After it is filtered, minerals are added to enhance the flavor. Desani’s water source is also however, from local water supply. Using local water does not guarantee perfect purification.

6. Aquafina:

Created by pepsi, aquafina goes through a 7 step purification process. This process tries to make its source water, which is local water supply, become as pure as possible. Their main goal is to remove bacteria, salts, chlorides, and other things that affects the taste. Using filters, high intensity lights, and reverse osmosis is able to get 98% of the minerals and bacteria out of the water. Aquafina tests its water 320 times a day. Although they don’t have eco friendly bottles yet, they do make sure their water is safe and tasteful.

5. Smart Water:

Smart Waters comes from the company Glaceau. Unlike other purification styles, Smart Water uses vapor distillation. This idea came from observing the earths water cycle. Smart Water noticed that the point when water is the purest is during distillation. Smart Water collects its source water from nearby streams, rivers, springs, and wells. At the end of the vapor distillation process, electrolytes are added to the drink. This unique tall bottle truly is a smart choice.


Naya is the leading water bottle brand in Canada, but is not as popular in America. It should be however because Naya doesn’t just produce water bottles, they help with water quality all around Canada. The Naya fund was created, and it helps the well being of rivers and streams. Collecting their water from deep beneath the Selkirk mountains, the water comes with little contact to humans. This little contact makes Naya an already pure water source. Naya does however also filter their water in a laboratory and technicians constantly analysis the water. Naya tries to keep a low sodium count in their water and keeps it free of contaminants. Not only is this water extremely purified the bottles have low amounts of plastic in them.

3.Ice Mountain:

Like the name implies, Ice Mountain water is collected from hand picked springs near mountains. These springs have natural minerals in them that add flavor to the water. Ice Mountain water first goes through natural purification through the earth. After this the water goes through a 10 step purification process resulting in a good tasting pure water. To help with safety towards the environment and its customers, Ice Mountain regularly tests its bottles and the springs where the water comes from. Ice Mountain does not want to disturb wildlife so it also does not take unreasonable amounts from springs.

2. Fiji

“Untouched by Man” is the motto for Fiji water. They promise that it comes in no human contact from when it is collected to the time it is sent off. They purify their water in a sealed chamber that is closely monitored. Although their bottles aren’t eco friendly, they are made out of the highest grade plastic which will protect the water. The water comes from Fiji itself from the Yaqara Valley of Vitu Levv. This is found within the earth underneath a rainforest. Fijis full purification process starts out with it raining, the rain falls into the rainforest, soaks into the ground, then soaks through a layer of volcanic rock, and into the spring. This natural filtration and normal filtration makes Fiji a high class drinking choice. Its square bottle design certainly makes you think that way.

1. Evian

It takes 15 years from the start of the Evians water process to get into the bottle and shipped off. This is because Evian water comes from the Northern Alps. Here the water slowly gets buried under a geological layer of ice and rock. Once it is buried natural sand filtration is used to purify the water. Then the water can be collected in deep valleys where walls are created. These natural zones are tested everyday in 20 different points. This results in total purification. Evian waters taste is clearly unique in its different flavor. The different minerals that are collected in the Northern Alps are healthy, tasteful, and organic; nothing is added. Evian also helps with other issues. It puts together committees to help give the public clean water. Other committees are used to help restore wetlands.