Reconstruction season

With the arrival of the dreaded heat season, road construction and other infrastructure plans come with. Here is your ultimate guide to construction projects for a hassle-free summer.

Construction detour on Rochester Ave. (Lucybelle Gerlieb)

Rochester Ave. reconstruction 

-Begins in June 2022

-Ends in December 2023

-Pavement reconstruction, sanitary and storm sewer improvement, sidewalk improvements.

Construction on Rochester Ave will begin in June of this year and is predicted to end in December of 2023. Their plan is to reconstruct the pavement, improve storm sewers, and other sidewalk improvements.





Melrose Ave. awaiting construction (Lucybelle Gerlieb)

Melrose Ave. road improvement

-Began in July 2021

-Ends in November 2022

-Water main extension, private driveway and road improvements

On Melrose Ave, construction began in July of last year. The project is predicted to end in November 2022. Construction includes a water main extension and general driveway and road improvements





Construction detour on 2nd Ave. (Lucybelle Gerlieb)

2nd Ave. Bridge reconstruction

-Begins in April- October 2022

-Improve the existing 2nd Avenue bridge over Ralston Creek, including the structure

Construction on the 2nd Ave bridge will begin somewhere between April and October 2022. They will be improving the overall bridge and the structure around it.






Pre-construction on Court St. (Lucybelle Gerlieb)

Court St. reconstruction

-Begins in the summer of 2024

-Replace sidewalk and upgrade sanitary system, storm system and main water utilities

On Court Street, construction will begin in the summer of 2024. There isn’t yet a predicted end date. Plans are to replace the sidewalk and upgrade the sanitary system, storm system, and general water main utilities.




Current construction on Orchard St.


Orchard St. reconstruction

-Began in September 2021

-Ends in June 2022

-Includes sanitary sewer replacement, water main replacement and pavement reconstruction

The construction on Orchard Street began in September of last year. It’s predicted to conclude in June 2022. Their plan is to replace the sanitary sewer and water main, and general pavement reconstruction.




Road detour on American Legion Rd. (Lucybelle Gerlieb)


American Legion Rd. reconstruction

-Began in April 2021

-Ends in September-October

-Intersection treatments and pavement reconstructions

Construction began in April 2021 on American Legion Road. Its predicted completion is somewhere between September and October of this year. Construction includes intersection treatments and pavement reconstructions.




New housing in the Iowa City area (Lucybelle Gerlieb)

Housing boom

-Increasingly high demand for housing, Increased construction around Iowa City, Tiffin, and Solon

-With higher prices, houses sell faster

-Increased cost to build homes

Houses around the Iowa City area are in high demand. Therefore, construction will dramatically increase in Iowa City, Tiffin, and Solon. Prices will increase dramatically, selling faster and for more than the asking price. Higher demands cause an increase in the overall price to build homes.