Pregame fuel

Learn about the go-to snacks West High winter athletes eat to prepare for competition.


Jay Mascardo

West athletes prefer a variety of food to prepare for competition.

Girls basketball, Lucy Wolf  ’24: “Cosmic Stardust Alani Nu and a banana because I like to keep it light.” 

Boys basketball, Ben Hoefer  ’23:My favorite pregame fuel is usually just some type of granola or protein bar. I don’t like to feel very full or bloated while I play, so I don’t eat very much before games.”

Girls wrestling, Jannell Avila ’23: “Before my matches, I drink Gatorade, preferably cucumber lime, and eat some fruit snacks. It’s simple and not heavy to where I feel gross and can’t perform.”

Boys wrestling, Alexander Pierce ’26: “My favorite pre-match fuel has got to be a Jimmy Johns number 4 and some kiwi. Then I’m set”

Boys swimming, Kyle Chi ’23: “Granola bars are good. They’re chewy, have energy, and taste good. I get swimmer energy.

Girls bowling, Whitney Noeller ’24: “My favorite fuel is goldfish because it gets me energized and ready to bowl.”

Boys bowling, Jack Dorale ’24: “Homemade jerky because it gives me good pregame protein”