Autumnal Tunes

One WSS staffer shares a fun playlist for the fall weather.


Lucy Polyak, Columns Editor

With fall now in full-swing, you’re probably looking to replace your overused summer playlist and maybe even the one you used to get through the beginning of the school year. Well fear not, because here is a strong list of light-hearted songs for you to bop to as the weather turns more brisk.

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Dearly Departed by Shakey Graves

A folksy-uptempo piece kicks off this playlist. This is a song about a ruined relationship, but you wouldn’t notice that from the tune of it as it’s perfect to get you dancing around a room.

Only Human by Misterwives

This Misterwives tune is a great song to pick you up when you’re feelinging down about yourself. It reminds us all that as humans we can only do so much, but at the same time we can all do great things.

Graveclothes by Birdtalker

This song is one of the most cheery ones on this playlist. Its message of shaking off the bad things and focusing on the good is exactly what students start to need at this time of the year.

Laughter Lines by Bastille

This Bastille song hits a sweet spot, as it’s lighthearted enough to put you in a good mood after every listen, but still is full of so much nostalgia that it will have you reflecting on your life choices every time it comes on shuffle.

NoLo by Grace Mitchell

This song is one that will make you absolutely have to get up and boogie. It tells the story of a woman who has just gotten out of a relationship and has no hurry to get into another one any time soon. She relishes her freedom and honestly finds a little joy in seeing that her ex is sad to see her go.

For Elise by Saint Motel

With its play on Beethoven’s classic “Fur Elise”, this song has to be one of the most clever love songs of recent times. Its peppy tune can get anyone tapping their toes on their commute to school.

Scare Away the Dark by Passenger

This song is a gentle uptempo piece that makes for a nice transition out of the more pop-y previous song. With its uplifting message, this song passes on an idea of unity that can feel like a warm hug on a brisk fall day.

Simple Song by The Shins

Next up is a very sweet love song. The whole premise of this song is a simple melody to get you to focus on the words, which are ridiculously cute. There really is nothing like a ballad to get you in your feels.

Land of the Living by Roo Panes

This song is fairly similar in its themes to “Scare Away the Dark.” Both talk about idealistic lives and how to get there, but this one has a more folksy vibe that really makes it a unique addition to this list.

Delilah by Florence + the Machine

No playlist is complete without some Florence + the Machine. This song’s message about searching for freedom and becoming your own person is incredibly relevant in the lives of young adults (especially during senior year).

Stargazing by Kygo

This is another fun song that happens to be about a failed relationship. However, its message is arguably the most hopeful of the songs on this playlist. Go ahead and give it a listen when you’re feeling helpless in something you care a lot about.

Bonnie and Clyde by Vance Joy

Now this song is for sure the most laid-back piece on this playlist. Don’t let its slower vibes scare you away, because this sweet little love ballad is sure to put a smile on your face while you dream of your own “special someone.”

Was It Worth the Love Song by Precious Kid

Next on this playlist is yet another song about the end of a relationship. Although its title seems kind of sad, this pop-rock gem is the perfect song for you and your friends to headbang along to.

Life Again by Blossom Caldarone

At surface level, this song is a fun melody to bop along to. However, its meaning is much darker as it describes a woman who’s reaching the end of her life and wishes she could go back and relive the good old days. Regardless of that, it’s still a cool piece that makes you want to live life to the fullest.

I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers

Lastly, someone once told me that you haven’t lived a full life if you’ve never heard this song. Enough said; it’s a banger.