Bryn Hedlund: A+ Achiever


Bryn Hedlund '12 playing her violin

Music means different things to different people. It can make a person happy; it can make a person sad; some people listen when they’re working out while others just rock out in the shower. But for West High Senior Bryn Hedlund, it is an essential part of her life that she could not see herself living without. “Music is something that I enjoy and something about which I am very passionate. Because much of my time is consumed by music, it is something that I cannot see my life without anytime soon,” Hedlund said.

Hedlund began to sing at age two and remembers when she would sit on her swing in her backyard, singing an assortment of tunes. At age five, she joined her church choir and in sixth grade she began taking private voice lessons. Since then, Hedlund has been accepted into the All-State Chorus four years in a row (an honor only a handful of talented students have achieved), the Iowa State Honor Choir for three years and Opus Honor Choir for two years. Along with honor choirs, Hedlund has also been involved with the famous operas Carmen and La Boehme with the University of Iowa Opera. At West High, Hedlund is involved in Concert Choir, Iowa City West Chorale and Goodtime Company show choir.

However, singing isn’t Hedlund’s only focal point. She fell in love with the violin after she heard a performance at her preschool. Since then, she has been involved with the Preucil School String Orchestra, Espressivo Strings Violin Group and Symphony Orchestra at West High.

“My favorite part of music is that it is a much-needed change of pace from everyday life. For me, music is very relaxing and a good way to forget about everything going on in my life for a little bit,” Hedlund said.

After high school, she plans to either major or minor in music and continue to take private voice lessons.

“I would like to always keep music as a part of my life, in some form or another,” Hedlund said.