Prospect of lacrosse at West

A look into sophomore Adrionnah Sonii’s dream of adding a lacrosse team to West High, and where her vision is now. 


Maddy Smith, Visual Editor and Feature Editor

Over the years, the variety of sports at West has changed drastically. In 1969, the only female sports offered were tennis and track, with the boys having football, wrestling, track, tennis, swim and dive, baseball and golf. As the years progressed, sports such as softball, girls golf, volleyball, basketball and girls swimming and diving were added and this year West had girls wrestling and female football players. This year, Adrionnah Sonii ‘22 tried to add lacrosse to the long list of sports here at West. 

“I had always seen in movies people who played lacrosse and I wanted it to be a sport offered at West because as a multiple sport player I like options,” said Sonii, “I like to choose what I want to do, I feel like lacrosse would have added another option for me and a lot of other students too.” 

I like to choose what I want to do, I feel like lacrosse would have added another option for me and a lot of other students too.”

— Adrionnah Sonii '22

There were not enough schools in the area that offered lacrosse, so the team would not have enough opponents to face. Due to the lack of other teams, the prospect of lacrosse will have to be a club and find their own sponsors. Most high school lacrosse teams are located on the east coast, with others scattered across the country. Regrettably, most lacrosse teams in Iowa are clubs. 

The process was long. According to Craig Huegel, Athletic director, students must take certain steps to add a sport to the West High ranks. Though the ICCSD does not have official steps or processes to add a sport, the school follows general guidelines. 

We will sponsor sports and activities that are sanctioned by the IHSAA and the IGHSAU,” says Huegel, “If that does not happen, I ask for a level of interest that would justify going through the effort to add a sport or activity.”

Girls wrestling was one of the lucky cases that had enough interest and infrastructure already in place to make the program happen cost-efficiently. Adding sports like lacrosse requires more equipment and time in order to become a school-sponsored sport. 

According to Sonii, there are 30-40 boys and girls interested in joining this club. It is not an official club yet, but Sonii and her friend Aniyah Flynn ‘22 will be pursuing the idea. They need more students to show interest, if any students are interested please contact Sonii or Flynn at and