A review of ICCSD’s travel guidelines

The ICCSD has set COVID-19 safety precautions for individuals traveling outside the United States during spring break.


Abby McKeone

ICCSD recommends individuals follow CDC guidelines during and after international travel.

Abby McKeone, Graphics and Social Media Editor

To help combat the spread of COVID-19 and its multiple strains, the ICCSD has implemented a set of rules for individuals traveling outside of the United States. These precautions will not apply to domestic travel.

The precautions include a seven-day quarantine and a COVID test between days three and five after returning home. If the COVID test is negative, individuals may return back to their buildings. If the individual forgoes a test, a 10-day quarantine is required. After 10 days, the individual may return back to district buildings. The district also advises students and staff to “avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.” 

Domestic travelers do not need to follow these precautions, but the district encourages following CDC guidelines, such as wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands while traveling. If the individual feels any symptoms of COVID-19, they should quarantine and get a COVID test to help combat community spread. 

For more information, visit this link.