Senior class president and vice announced

Find out who won class president and vice president from the class of 2019.

Fatima Kammona, News Editor

Last week the class of 2019 voted for who would be the class president and vice president. A total of 18 candidates were running. Nine for vice and nine for president.

In the end, Emma Koch ´19 won the title of class president with her vice president being Thomas Duong ´19.

¨I’ve had a really great high school experience and I want to give back and show appreciation to all the people that have helped make that experience really good.¨ said Koch, in an interview about why she´s running for president.

“I also tore my ACL, and so I knew that not being able to do sports, I might want to do something with my time and I think this is a really good outlet for actually working towards something that will hopefully impact other people.¨ Koch said.