How to: ask a girl to prom



Boys, it’s that time of the year again. No, not the end of second trimester, but prom: a girl’s dream and a boy’s nightmare. It’s the night of nights when the upperclassmen dress to impress and dance the night away. But preparing for it can be a time of total stress and extreme confusion. But worry no more my little stressed out dude, for I am here to answer your many questions on a very serious topic: how to ask a girl to prom.

Before I give you some ideas on HOW to ask a girl to prom, here are some key things to consider before proposing prom-date-hood.

1. Find a Girl: Yeah this is an obvious step, but it’s more complicated than just plucking a girl out of your personal imaginary barrel of females. This girl has to be special. A girl you will be able to spend the entire night with. Remember, you’re spending the entire night with this chica. Make sure you’re comfortable with her. If you know of a girl you’ve been wanting to move your relationship to the next level with, ask her! She would be perfect! Or a friend is good too. Don’t run away from the idea of taking “just-a-friend” to prom. Do you realize how much fun you would have with her?

2. Make Sure She’s Not Taken: There is nothing more awkward than asking a girl to prom who already has a date. So make sure your lady doesn’t already have a prince and steed to escort her to prom. Just slip prom into the conversation, ask her what her plans are for it or if she has any plans to dance with any specific person. If you don’t get any answers from her, ask her friends. Find a connection of friends between the two of you. If you don’t feel comfortable asking her, she probably isn’t’ the right girl to bring to prom, trust me, things will be awkward. You don’t want to ask a girl to prom who leaves you once you arrive at the IMU.

3: Don’t Procrastinate: The early bird gets the worm!

Now for the moment of truth: Creative ways to ask your cutie to prom.

1. The T-Shirt: Find a plain white t-shirt and write (with your girl’s name in the blank) ” _______ Will You Go To Prom With Me?” On the back of the shirt draw a “Yes” box and a “No” box, and give her a fabric marker and ask her to choose her destiny.

You can also  use a t-shirt by writing “Who Will You Go To Prom With?” in fabric or permanent marker. On the back write an assortment of names (of other guys who go to your school) in washable marker (be certain that it does come off) and then put your name in fabric or permanent marker. Give the shirt to the girl and tell her to wash it. When she washes it, your name will stay. Get the picture?

2. Remote Control Car: If you own a remote control car, tape a note onto it and drive it into one of her classes and up to her. Make sure to have her name on top of the note so she knows it’s for her.

3.Roses: Leave a trail of roses from her doorway to her bed, where she’ll find a note surrounded by flowers and balloons. Warning! Only do this if you have access to her room! DO NOT SNEAK INTO HER HOUSE!

4. Crime Scene Prom Date: Lie in her driveway and have a friend outline your body in chalk (similar to a crime scene). Make sure you have her parents’ permission before doing this. Inside your outline write something similar to “I would die if you didn’t go to prom with me” or “My attraction to you is fatal. Go to prom with me?”

5. Pedro’s Cake: You could go all “Napoleon Dynamite” and bake her a cake and write, with frosting, “Will You Go To Prom With Me?” You can also bake three cupcakes that say “Me” “You” “Prom?”

6. Serenade: What girl wouldn’t want to be serenaded? Find out a cute song to fit in something about prom. Or just find out her favorite song and sing it to her. Get a bunch of your guy friends to help you.

7. Candles: Lay an assortment of tea candles (you can buy them really cheap and in packs at stores like Wal Mart) on her drive way and hold a bouquet of flowers and invite her outside (make sure to get permission from her parents before doing this.)


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