Styling 1920’s fashion elements 100 years later

To kick off the 2020's, here are some ways in which you can implement the trends of the 1920's in your wardrobe.

With its drop waists and feathered hairpieces, the 1920’s were an interesting time for fashion. Dance-floor-ready outfits were the name of the game and women dressed more for aesthetics than for functionality. Though the style has evolved greatly throughout the past 100 years, the trends of the roaring 20’s have not become completely obsolete. The resurgence of vintage-inspired clothing marks the perfect time to make a return to prohibition-era stylings. Here are a few examples of how to implement 1920’s fashion in the new decade:

Long Coats

Though long, trench coat style garments have never truly gone out of style, breathe new life into these pieces by pairing them with a tight-fitting top, belt and loose-fitting jeans. Playing with different color buttons can also add modernity to this look.



Bowler Hats

A quintessential facet of 1920’s style, bowler hats can add a chic touch to any modern outfit. Adding a tight-fitting sweater and loose pants cultivates a look reminiscent of the 90’s. Look for hats without bows or other embellishments to avoid a costume-y look.



Formless Dresses

Long dresses with drop-waists were a staple of 1920’s style, but aren’t as prevalent in today’s fashion scene. To modernize these pieces, try adding a ribbon to cinch the waist and utilizing a hair ribbon to conjure up a 50’s-esque outfit.