What “teacher-video-game-character” are you? quiz


1. You aspire to:
A. Read every book humanly possible
B. Teach the world how important math is
C. Become president
D. March, march, march, march to the sound of the drums
2. A student is trying to sneak out of class, what is your technique of stopping them?
A. Set off the alarm as they try to escape your domain
B. Make them do a really long math problem
C. Force them recite every amendment
D. Pick up a piccolo and hypnotize them with your magical music.
3. Who is the villain in your world?
A. “The Overdue Student”
B.  “The Late Math Assignment”
C. “The Opposing Party”
D: “The Spit Valve”
4. What was your favorite TV show as a kid?
A. Reading Rainbow
B. Cyber Chase
C. CSPAN programs
D. Little Einsteins
5. What is your dream career?
A. Librarian
B. Doctor
C. Politician
D. Musician
6. How would you describe yourself?
A. Very punctual and resourceful
B. Smart and Witty
C. Clever and Cunning
D. Creative and Musical
7. Where do you like to hang out?
A.  Any library.
B. At home, solving a really complicated equation
C. Washington, D.C.
D. Orlando

Mostly A’s: Hoffmokle: Librianator; weapon of choice: Book Throw; Environment: Tower of Bibliographies

You are an extremely resourceful character and are never afraid to defeat other people with your strength in words from all the books you’ve read [and checked out.].

Mostly B’s: Dr. Larson: Doc Stat; weapon of choice: Math Vision; Environment: Cave of Statistics

You believe that math is the root of all the powers. Your math vision defeats all the evil doers in the world and you gain an immense amount of points every time you use it.

Mostly C’s: Shutt: Uncle Shutt; weapon of choice: Pony Tail Whip; Environment: Capitol Hill

You are clever and can always begin a debate on any political issue. Capitol Hill is where you wait to pounce on unknowing prey with your knowledge on the founding fathers.

Mostly D’s: Medds: Medd Squared; weapon of choice: Musical Hypnosis; Environment: The Golden Tuba

With the power of your musical hypnosis, you can lure anyone into joining your army of marching musicians.