May is Iowa City Bike Month

May is the month of bikes in Iowa City. Go on and break out your bike and enjoy the 100+ events!

Liz Hubing is the director of marketing and community engagement for the Iowa City Area Development Group by day, but by night she is the organizer for Bike Iowa City. As an organizer, she tries to rally community members to bring more creative ideas for biking events along with helping the community members plan out what they are going to do with their events. Despite popular belief, the Bike Iowa City Board does not choose the events. Instead, community leaders bring the events that they have already organized and go to the board meeting for the board’s approval.

Light Green: Biking Resources
Light Blue: Bike to Work
Yellow: Elementary School Bike Rodeos
Light Orange: Relaxing/Leisurely Rides. (Reef Persons)

Hubing recommended that students participate in National Bike to School Day along with going to their elementary school’s bike rodeo. The bike rodeos are a good time to see your old teachers. On National Bike to School Day, you can help the environment a bit. You can also stop by the Coralville Rec Center to pick up a free bell. Brian Brandsmeier, a Bike Iowa City ambassador, recommended to West students that they should go to the Core4 Training Ride. “I know Core4 isn’t during Bike Week but it’s a big, expensive event that is free for teenagers.” The Core4 Training Ride is on August 27th and it is $65 if you aren’t a teenager.

For more info on these events go here.

Some events that are good for adults and teens are the Bike to Work events from the 16th to the 19th. This event takes place in the morning at different places throughout the week. At the locations, there is free breakfast before you go and bike to work or school. If you are looking for a more intense ride then you should check out the Sugarbottom rides. On these rides, you go around a trail 3 times which adds up to about 30 miles on your mountain bike. More information about these events is on the Bike Iowa City website.