1440 club to hold Walk For Water event

On Wednesday, May 31 the 1440 Interact Club will hold their annual Walk For Water event.

Eleanor Weitz , Managing Editor

For the past three years West High’s 1440 club has been holding an event called Walk For Water. West students gather together after school and walk all the way downtown to the Iowa River and back again. This walk is supposed to emulate the long distance many women and children in Africa walk everyday to get water. This event is associated with the organization Water For Life. This organization goes to countries in Africa and builds wells to improve access to clean water. All the proceeds from this event will go to Water For Life.

To participate in Walk For Water, go the commons right after school on Wednesday, May 31 and the walkers will set out shortly after. Look for the 1440 presidents Zaira Ahmed ’24 and Kamakshee Kuchhal ’24. If you are able, please bring a donation for Water For Life. If not, just bring some walking shoes, a water bottle and yourself.