2nd annual Music Playathon 2014

2nd annual Music Playathon 2014

Eugenia Chen

How important do you think the music program in school is? Important enough to spend seven hours on a weekend working to raise money for it? Most students would say not, but some say yes.

Jaehee Lee certainly feels that way. The Groton High school junior participated in elementry school orchestra programs with ICCSD and feels they have given her a foundation in music. When she heard about the cuts to the music budget in the district last year, she decided to start a fundraiser for Music Auxiliary, the group that raises money for music programs in the district.

A Playathon is an event where students and professionals of all different abilities perform in a long concert to raise money and awareness for music programs. Jaehee Lee decided to organize one with the help of her younger brother, Junhee Lee ’18.

This is the second year the music playathon was held and it raised eighteen hundred dollars through ticket sales and donations.

“It’s a little bit longer; there are more performers and I hope we have a bigger audience,” Junhee Lee said. “We also had performers sell the tickets.”

The Lee siblings and others spent seven hours August 30, at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts by helping musicians get set up, helping make food and ensuring sure everything ran smoothly back stage.

“I think music is important because there is a relationship between music and success, and I also think it’s a fundamental art that should be included in public education.” Joonsoo Kim ‘18, a volunteer at the event, said. Many of the performers and volunteers were West students but there were professionals and students from all over the district.

“I am volunteering and playing because music is a really important thing and I think it is good to help music auxiliary because they help us a lot at school with getting instruments and they pay for bus rides to All-State auditions and to All-State and it is good to give back.” said Terra Hill ‘16, also volunteering at the event.

Article by Maggie Terry

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBNKgrXOcvw&w=560&h=315]

Watch full length performances:

Paul Amrani

Nina Bernat and Mr. Mark Bernat

Big Oak: Joe Feldmann, Thomas Gumpper, Louis Ho, Ricky Rodriguez and Daniel Szmyrgala

Annie Chen

Eugenia and Sophia Chen

Jenna Choi

Anoushka Divekar

Anoushka Divekar and Gabriela Nisly

Jasmin Gu

Terra Hill

Emily Hollingworth

Catherine Ju

Minsoo Kim

Kevin Liu

Gabriela Nisly

Ryo Ohashi

Avery Smith

Pieper Stence

Anneke Thorne

Ethan Trepka

Hae-joo Yoon

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