51 ways to be happy

One WSS staffer shares her many ways of finding happiness.


Author Fenna Semken posing with flowers on her recent vacation, yet another part of her life that she has found happiness in.

Fenna Semken, Online Editor-in-Chief

After a day of long emails, a hard test or getting rejected, happiness can be hard to grasp. The little things, most of the time, can add up to make even a hard day a good one, but when the small bits of happiness cannot give you what you need, just remember:

  1. Drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter day
  2. Riding a bike with fall leaves all around you
  3. Having your pet sleep on you for hours
  4. Ice skating on an outdoor rink with family and friends
  5. The first bite into a fresh chocolate chip cookie
  6. Jumping into the ocean, a lake or a swimming pool on a hot summer day
  7. Falling asleep while it’s raining outside
  8. Studying hard for a test, and then seeing an A in the grade book 
  9. Snow days and unexpected, extended sleepovers
  10. Sunday brunch with grandparents

    Drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter day”

  11. Going on a nice long run to come home to a hot breakfast
  12. Doing yoga in your bedroom with your cat
  13. The smell of spring when it rains and the snow begins to melt
  14. Making animal shaped pancakes
  15. Adding a new sticker to your water bottle
  16. Finally getting the package in the mail that you have been waiting so long for
  17. Singing at the top of your lungs with friends on a late night as you drive
  18. Getting as many toppings as you want on your frozen yogurt
  19. Finding the new sweater that is perfect in every way
  20. Going to the animal shelter to play with the puppies and kittens
  21. Decorating for Christmas 
  22. Holding a newly born baby
  23. Finishing all of your homework early in the night
  24. Getting a full nights sleep 
  25. Taking a long bath while watching your top three favorite movies
  26. Or taking a bath and eating ramen at the same time
  27. Or all there combined (Ramen, bath, movies)
  28. Jumping into a giant pile of leaves
  29. The final product of a carved pumpkin
  30. Deciding on the Halloween costume that you will wear
  31. Eating a popsicle on a hot day
  32. Stepping into a building that is very air conditioned after being outside all day 
  33. Listening to Christmas music while snow falls outside
  34. Skiing down a hill with fresh snow on it 

    Skiing down a hill with fresh snow on it”

  35. Eating your favorite food 
  36. Falling asleep on the couch while watching Gilmore Girls
  37. Exploring new places and trying new things with friends
  38. Running through the woods in the early morning, listening to the birds sing
  39. Building a snowman with your cousins 
  40. Setting up a hammock by the lake and reading all day
  41. Driving home in the rain, listening to jazz
  42. Riding the ferris wheel at the State Fair
  43. Buying concert tickets with your best friend
  44. Reading a whole book in one night
  45. Running in circles on a trampoline 
  46. Finishing the essay that you have been working on for two weeks
  47. Screaming for your football team while it’s raining
  48. Or just going to football games with your best friends
  49. Climbing a tree and watching the world pass you by
  50. Watching your friends succeed in what they love, as they do the same for you
  51. Doing what makes you happy

Spread happiness and what you love to do to those around you.”

‚ÄčThese are the 51 things that make me the most happy, and maybe you feel the same, but whatever does make you happy is what is most important. Spread happiness and what you love to do to those around you, make a list of what you love and on those hard days never forget the 51 ways that you can be happy.