AP Classes after testing

See what students taking West AP classes are up to after their AP test.

In the first two weeks of May, students across West were taking numerous AP tests, ranging from AP Biology to AP Music Theory. Many worked the entire school year to do well on those tests. However, what are students up to now that their tests are done? Here’s what West students did after their AP tests.

Anna Vasi ’24 (AP Chemistry): “We’ve been doing labs and we are also researching and then having presentations about underrepresented scientists.”

Thomas Tong ’26 (AP Human Geography): “We’re working on a few mini projects, like we just finished a one – pager that connects a conflict to something we learned in AP Human.

Andrew Dong ’24 (AP Spanish): “We’re reading a Spanish book, so we have to read a chapter about a Mexican family who immigrates to the United States to escape the violence and the lack of healthcare in their tow and then we have a reflection everyday.”

Biswash Bhattarai ’23 (AP Physics): “We are watching Interstellar and I’m catching up on missed tests. After the movies over, I expect we’ll review for the final.”

Moustafa Tiea ’25 (AP US History): “We did a little bit of research and we did a Socratic Seminar, which is when you have to like research about a topic and then discuss it with a group of people.”

Cindy Wang ’24 (AP Calculus BC): “I’m taking AP Calculus BC and we’re presenting a topic related to calculus and we’re presenting it to our class.”

Tess DeGrazia ’23 (AP Literature): ” We’ve been doing our own personal project based on a movie about its cinematography and choreography, analyzing different elements of films, and turning it into a presentation.”